Why Choose Temporary Staffing ?

According to a major survey conducted for the American Staffing Association, companies use staffing employees for two principal reason: flexibility and access to talent.

In today's rapidly changing business climate, efficiency and effectiveness are crucial to your organization's survival. This means you must have the right person for the job- any job whether that job is temporary or permanent.

America' staffing companies can help you find the best talent - for any job- when you need it.

Staffing firms nationwide collectively employ an average of 2 million workers daily across all industries, providing work force flexibility and access to talent to businesses like yours. They also offer competitive wages and benefits to attract the best talent, and provide free training to millions of temporary, contract, and permanent employees each year.

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Why AU & Associates, Inc.?

AU & Associates is poised to lead the way into the new normal.

Try our services to:

  • Reduce Internal Recruiting Costs
  • Obtain Skilled Resources
  • Reduce Overhead Costs
  • Try Before you Buy

Your organization will have help available when needed, day or night with short notice. We assume the responsibility for:

  • Pre-Employment background screening (criminal; employment; SSN)
  • Skills testing
  • Payroll expenses and paperwork
  • All withholding taxes
  • Payroll taxes
  • Unemployment insurance
  • Workers Compensation insurance

Additionally, we offer a four (4) hour guarantee period. Upon notification to AU & Associates of an unsatisfactory performance by any employee placed within the first four hours, we will not bill for those four hours, and we will send a replacement as soon as possible.