Oracle/PeopleSoft HCM

Oracle/PeopleSoft HCM

HRMS Fundamentals

This class covers core information required to implement the HRMS system, through examples and activities, participants learn how to set up human resource system foundation tables, how to hire workers, and maintain employment history.

Understanding HRMS Tables

PeopleSoft HRMS is a table-based system that stores critical general data, such as companies, work locations, and system specifications in a central location. The system enables users to access the same basic information while maintaining data accuracy and integrity.

Setting Up Organization Foundation Tables

Setting up foundation tables reveals enterprise integration points.

Administering Workforce

PeopleSoft Enterprise Human Resources Administer Workforce provides the foundation for your human resource management system. The data entered into the Administer Workforce business process is available to all of the Human Resources business processes as well as the other applications in the PeopleSoft Enterprise HRMS suite.

Getting Started with Talent Acquisition Manager

Talent Acquisition Manager is a complete, integrated system that enables organizations to effectively manage workforce acquisition across all employment categories. Whether you have a few resumes to fill hard-to-find positions or you have plenty of resumes but top candidates are scarce, Talent Acquisition Manager is ideally suited to meet your needs in any type of hiring conditions. Streams of applicants can be screened, interviewed, and hired quickly and efficiently.

Managing Position Data

This instruction reviews how to enter changes to position data, such as a title change or a position that becomes inactive. It also covers the details on updating employee data, entering a pay rate change or a leave of absence, and how to make changes that affects both position and incumbent job data, such as changing the department code for the position.

Setting Up Job

The course explains how to use job function codes to create function categories that can then be assigned to job codes.

Entering Additional Data

This instruction reviews how to use the Workforce Administration menu to add and track a broad range of other information for employees.

Setting Up HRMS Security

PeopleSoft security is based on permission lists and roles. This lesson illustrates how permission lists and roles combine to create user security profiles.

Payroll North America

Payroll provides the tools to calculate earnings, taxes, and deductions efficiently, maintain balances, and report payroll data while minimizing the burden on IT managers and payroll staff.

Maintaining Payroll Data

Learn how to use Payroll of North America to maintain payroll-specific data, such as tax information, additional pay, general deductions, savings bonds, direct deposit, and garnishments information.

No prior PeopleSoft experience needed

Training is a mix of instruction and exercises over a period of 5 course meetings. Call 301-731-4653 for additional information.